Mission and Philosophy



Being bilingual children and adolescents in an atmosphere of Catholic values??, who grow up with self esteem and confidence and serve your community and good people. We provide high academic standards that encourage students to discover and develop their ability to integrate into a globalized society.


We believe that every child is unique, and that their development is a sequential process involving spontaneous and both your body and your mind and your emotions according to their age.

We also believe that the thought process is developed from the concrete to the abstract and need a learning environment in which children feel loved, valued and accepted to develop their full potential.

We also know that the child's personality is built from their early life experiences. Their self-esteem, integrity and independence depend on the achievements that the child has during its development.

We are convinced that the child is naturally curious and is intrinsically motivated to learn. The child is an active learner who learns the trial / error, and comes to learning through play and interaction with both material and with peers and adults. We believe there should be a balance between biological factors, experiences with physical objects, social interaction and education to develop the child's personality in harmony.

We think that the teacher is a guide that promotes the building of self-esteem of the child, which helps to think and develop their own skills and strengths.

We also argue that the basic role of the school is helping pupils develop cognitive structures, rather than the acquisition of information isolation or stored. The school also promotes the construction of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values ??that enable students to live happily in a society.

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