Academic Results

Academic Results

The future begins here

The academic achievements here are remarkable. Not only do our students excel nationally, but they also secure scholarships at some of Mexico’s most prestigious universities and stand out in a global and competitive environment. The success of our graduates spans a wide range of professional and academic fields, reflecting the lasting impact of the exceptional education provided at Colegio Inglés.


We prioritize academic success as well as the comprehensive growth of each individual. We provide our students with the resources and support needed to achieve their goals and make significant contributions to the community. In addition to acquiring a solid knowledge base in fundamental disciplines such as science, humanities, and technology, our students develop essential skills such as analytical thinking, persuasive communication, and teamwork.


These skills, along with our core principles of respect, responsibility, integrity, and social commitment, equip our graduates to confidently and successfully tackle contemporary challenges.


Our Students:

Thunder Eagles 21678

won the Motivate Award at the Regional Mexico Norte Torreon in the 2022-2023 Power Play season, FTC category, which qualifies them for the National event.

ExpoCiencias Coahuila 2022

The two teams that participated in the state stage qualified for the Nationals.

ExpoCiencias Nacional San Luis Potosi 2022

One of the teams that participated qualified for the international phase.


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