In our school, we follow a constructivist approach that fosters active learning and student participation in their own educational process.

We have security measures such as surveillance cameras, controlled access points, staff trained in first aid, and we comply with all requirements and protocols established by the State Civil Protection.

We offer extracurricular activities ranging from sports to artistic activities such as our Musical Theater production, and special interest clubs such as our student choir, Robotics Club, Model United Nations simulations, among others, so that students can develop skills beyond the classroom.

We conduct formative and summative assessments and also administer standardized instruments periodically (MAP) and provide feedback to students and parents in different formats (digital communication or face-to-face interactions) to effectively monitor academic progress.

We maintain a class size of no more than 24 students. Additionally, teachers apply different methodologies in their pedagogical process and provide personalized attention in tutoring sessions after the school day.

We implement socio-emotional development programs such as Conscious Discipline, safeguarding policies, and have established protocols to address student disagreements and conflicts such as bullying. Our team is trained to intervene and guide students so that conflicts are resolved in the best possible way, promoting learning, respecting individuality, and recognizing the characteristics of social interactions at different stages of growth in the school environment.

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